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Vans Triple Crown of Surfing

The North Shore Community Land Trust – Protecting the North Shore of Oahu

Dec 15, 2015

The North Shore Community Land Trust protects the North Shore's spectacular coastline and its surrounding natural landscapes. Watch now to learn more about their important work and to be inspired to support the cause. For more information, visit

Music credits

"A Beautiful Day (Houses Remix) MSTRD.mp3” by Seven Saturdays
"VED - 02 - Sture External - FeebleMusic.mp3” by VED
"07 Salt of the Earth_INST.mp3” by Where the East Ends
“Darkness_INST.mp3” by Nathan Xander
"03 03 Fairview_INST.mp3” by Athletics
"11-EDIT_POS_Artist-Jet_Trash_-_Pho­tography_Is_Over__Alt_Vocal_Mix__03_20.m­p3” by Jet Trash
"07 Salt of the Earth_INST” by Where the East Ends
"True Romance (Teen Daze Remix) MSTRED.mp3” by Seven Saturdays

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Jack Robinson’s Breakthrough

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