Sebastien Zietz Wins the 2012 Vans Triple Crown of Surfing

Kauai's Sebastian Zietz (HAW), 24, has won the 2012 Vans Triple Crown Title of Surfing and is through to the quarter finals of the Billabong Pipe Masters In Memory of Andy Irons. The event was held in pumping six-to-eight foot surf and Zietz was in flawless form, eliminating defending Vans Triple Crown champion John John Florence (HAW) in Round 3. Zietz wins a record $100,000 bonus in recognition of the 30th anniversary of the Series, hydrated by vitaminwater, as well as a $30,000 Harley Davidson and a $10,000 custom Nixon watch.

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"I kind of wasn't ready for it," Zietz said. "John John (Florence) is my favorite surfer at the moment. He missed that first one and I got priority from him. He was looking at Backdoor, so I knew it must have been good. I saw him fall on that last one and it was lucky for me and unlucky for John. I'm still focused on the contest, this all hasn't really sunk in yet and I'll celebrate everything after it's over. But beating John John I feel like I can beat anyone."

Seabass seals the deal. Photo: ASP/ Dunbar


Now in its sixth year, The Nixon WTA is a winner-takes-all event along three stops of the ASP (Association of Surfing Professionals) World Tour and one ASP Men’s 6-Star event during the 2012 season. One winner at each of The WTA stops will win a custom Nixon watch valued at over $10,000 for challenges ranging from Biggest Air, Highest Heat Score, Heaviest Wave and the overall Triple Crown Winner. 

The final stop of Nixon’s 2012 WTA (Winner-Takes-All) series will commence during the Reef Hawaiian Pro beginning November 12. Taking place on the North Shore, the Reef Hawaiian Pro marks the first in a series of three events that make up the Triple Crown of Surfing.  The overall winner of the Triple Crown, based on an accumulation of points during the Reef Hawaiian Pro, the Vans World Cup of Surfing, and the Billabong Pipe Masters, will also claim the 2012 Nixon WTA Triple Crown title as well.

The previous events that led up to the 4th and final stop of the 2012 Nixon WTA series included contests for Biggest Air in Rio de Janeiro, Highest Heat Score in J-Bay and Heaviest Wave in Teahupoo. The Nixon WTA looks to celebrate crowning achievements and standout momentsduring ASP (Association of Surfing Professionals) events that may have otherwise gone uncelebrated. Nixon awards the winners with custom Swiss made watches adorned with jewels and other embellishments making the watch one-of-a-kind and valued at  over $10,000.

The Nixon WTA Triple Crown winner will take home an all black ceramic 51-30 with over 200white diamonds adorned on the bezel, crown and indices. The winner’s watch also features an automatic Swiss made movement, sapphire crystal and the Hawaiian flag applied at the 6 o’clock hour marker.

Previous Nixon WTA Triple Crown Winners include:

2007 - WTA Triple Crown Winner - Bede Durbidge - Vans Triple Crown Winner
2008 - WTA Triple Crown Winner - Joel Parkinson - Vans Triple Crown Winner
2009 - WTA Triple Crown Winner - Joel Parkinson - Vans Triple Crown Winner
2010 - WTA Triple Crown Winner - Joel Parkinson - Vans Triple Crown Winner
2011 - WTA Triple Crown Winner - John John Florence - Vans Triple Crown Winner
2012 - WTA Triple Crown Winner - Sebastien Zietz - Vans Triple Crown Winner

About Nixon:

Founded in 1998 in Encinitas, CA, Nixon is the premium watch and accessories brand for the youth lifestyle market. Focused on making the little stuff better, Nixon began with a small line of team-designed, custom-built watches sold exclusively in specialty boardsport and fashion retailers. Currently distributed in over 70 countries, Nixon’s product range has grown to include select men’s and women’s softgoods, leather goods, and custom audio products. For more information, please visit: Nixon.com and Facebook.com/Nixon

2012 Nixon WTA Winners

Billabong Rio Pro, May 2012 - Biggest Air

Winner: John John Florence - Final

Billabong Pro J-Bay, July 2012 - Highest Heat Score

Winner: Nathan Hedge - Round of 144, 19.27pts

Billabong Pro Tahiti, September 2012 - Heaviest Wave

Winner: Jeremy Flores - Round 4, Heat 3

UPDATED: 24th Nov 2012

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