Vans World Cup of Surfing

Path to the Vans Triple Crown

Nov 16, 2019

For decades, Vans has set up in the parking lots of the World’s most iconic surfing arenas - Haleiwa, Sunset Beach, and Pipeline; providing a platform that gives surfing’s top competitors and local Hawaiian standouts, last chance qualification for the World Championship Tour and a shot at winning The Vans Triple Crown of Surfing . The Path to the Vans Triple Crown showcases surfing’s history on the North Shore of Oahu, the legends it’s made, and the new generation climbing the ranks amongst the World’s elite, competing for a Triple Crown title.

Music Credits:

1.We Need Love.mp3 (this pops up again at TC 01:51:20 & then at 02:25:00)
ARTIST - Exploding Eyes
ALBUM - Exploding Eyes

2.Come Back to Hawaii
ARTIST - Paul Page
ALBUM - The Big Island Says Aloha

3.Poop Tour
ARTIST - The Mad Doctors

4 Acai.mp3

5.12 - Heavy Rotation.MP3
ARTIST - Slide 5
ALBUM - People, Places & Things

6.the Beaches of Baja_inst.mp3
ARTIST - John Carpenter_INST
ALBUM - John Carpenter_INST

7.All for You.mp3
ARTIST - Stick Figure
ALBUM - World On Fire

8.Prophet Incarnate - Inst
ARTIST - Lincoln Durham_INST
ALBUM - Lincoln Durham_INST

9.B.A.T.Z INST.mp3

10.Steppin Out Into The World.mp3
ARTIST - Dead Beach
ALBUM - Gets Plugged In

11.04 It Ain't Never Been This Funky.mp3
ALBUM - Push

Faces of Vans Triple Crown - Michael February

Finals Day Post Show: Jack Robinson Dominates Sunset

Jack Robinson Wins Vans World Cup, Qualifies for 2020 CT

Final Day Highlights - The Robinson Show

Finals Day Top 5 Moments: An Incredible Display of Surfing

Robinson’s Epic Barrel at the Vans World Cup

Clicks: Vans World Cup of Surfing Final Day

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