Conner Coffin Claims Victory on Pressure-Packed Day

Final Day Highlights - Conner Wins

Meet the 2018 Championship Tour New Era Rookie Class

Wade Carmichael Buries the Rail

Final Day Photos

A Winner Will Be Crowned Today at the Vans World Cup

Day 3 Highlights - Pressure is On

Post Show Report: It’s Make or Break Time at Sunset

Day 3 Photos

Sunset - The Proving Ground

Imaikalani Devault’s 9.17 Assault

Seabass 9.77 Layback Hack

Caio Ibelli’s 9.10 Whopper

Day 3 of the Vans World Cup Called ON

Heavy Hitters Enter the Fray at Vans World Cup

Post Show Report: Pressure Building at Vans World Cup

Day 2 Highlights - Raw Sunset Power

Maxing Sunset Becomes Wilko’s Playground

Noe Mar McGonagle’s Big 9.00

Day 2 Photos


2019Jack RobinsonAUS
2018Ezekiel LauHAW
2017Conner CoffinUSA
2016Jordy SmithZAF
2015Mick FanningAUS
2014Michel BourezPYF
2013Ezekiel LauHAW
2012Adam MellingAUS
2011John John FlorenceHAW
2010Raoni MonteiroBRA
2009Joel ParkinsonAUS
2008C.J. HobgoodUSA
2007Makuakai RothmanHAW
2006Joel ParkinsonAUS
2005Jake PattersonAUS
2004Andy IronsHAW
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