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Making the Cut: Episode 8, Finals Day at Sunset

Jordy Smith Claims First Hawaiian Win at Vans World Cup

Final Day Highlights - Jordy Rules

Slater Flashes More Brilliance at Sunset

Jadson Andre Keeps CT Dreams Alive

Crunch Time: Silva, Freestone, and Lau Advance at Sunset

Billy Kemper is Enjoying His Spoiler Role at Sunset

Zeke Makes His Move at Sunset

Making the Cut: Episode 7, The Big Leagues

Final Day Photos

The Door Just Opened for a Handful of QS Dreamers at Sunset

Day 3 Highlights - Top Seeds Show Off

Making the Cut: Episode 6, The Process

Top Moment - Dec. 3rd: Sunset Shack

Jadson Andre and Ethan Ewing Gain Ground at Sunset

CT Stars Crush Dreams at Vans World Cup

John John Tears into Sunset

Freestone, Silva, and Gouveia Keep Swinging at Sunset

Day 3 Photos - Round 3

Barrels Upon Barrels

Twenty-and-Under Surfers Dominate 20-Foot Waves at Sunset

Veterans, Rising Stars, and QS Warriors Advance at Sunset

Making the Cut: Episode 5, Sunset Beach

Day 2 Highlights - Sunset Pumps

Top Moment - Dec. 2nd: Young Guns

Day 2 Photos - Rounds 2 and 3

GoPro Breakdown: Sunset Beach

Top Seeds Power Through at Pumping Sunset

Faces of the Vans Triple Crown - Pt. 4

Koa Smith Ups the Buzz-Factor on the North Shore

Ryan Callinan Waits for Career-Defining Week

Sunset Beach – The great leveler.

Day 1 Highlights - Opening Day

Top Moment Nov. 29th - Kiron Jabour Jumps Ahead

Kemper, Massin, and Meister Find Early Form at Sunset

New Zealand Powerhouses Step up at Sunset

Day 1 Photos - Rounds 1 and 2

Ezekiel Lau and Evan Geiselman Are On the Cusp at Sunset

TripleGram V.04 - Give Thanks

Faces of the Vans Triple Crown - Pt. 3

Mechanics of Sunset - Dissecting the Beast

TripleGram V.03 - Down Days

There’s a Gawd-Awful Goofy Dilemma in Hawaii

Qualification Update: Who Needs What at Sunset Beach?

Faces of the Vans Triple Crown - Pt. 2

About the Vans World Cup of Surfing

Spot Check - Sunset


2019Jack RobinsonAUS
2018Ezekiel LauHAW
2017Conner CoffinUSA
2016Jordy SmithZAF
2015Mick FanningAUS
2014Michel BourezPYF
2013Ezekiel LauHAW
2012Adam MellingAUS
2011John John FlorenceHAW
2010Raoni MonteiroBRA
2009Joel ParkinsonAUS
2008C.J. HobgoodUSA
2007Makuakai RothmanHAW
2006Joel ParkinsonAUS
2005Jake PattersonAUS
2004Andy IronsHAW
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