About the HIC Pro 2017

Oct 09, 2017

The HIC Pro Presented by Vans launches the North Shore surf season in Hawaii and showcases a talented lineup of both local and international surfers at one of the most consistent big wave venues on the planet, Sunset Beach. Now in its 33rd year, the HIC Pro is the official local qualifier for the Vans Triple Crown and offers 112 athletes a chance to compete in the prestigious series. 

For over three decades, the HIC Pro has provided Hawaii surfers the opportunity to compete on the biggest stage in professional surfing, collect valuable ratings points and ultimately surf home turf with only a few other athletes in the water. Qualifying surfers also go against the world's best in the first two events of the Vans Triple Crown - the Hawaiian Pro at Haleiwa Ali'i Beach and Vans World Cup at Sunset Beach. This high-ticket experience is touted as one of the greatest accomplishments for Hawaii athletes, as it gives them the occasion to demonstrate their talent, versatility and athleticism to the entire surfing industry.

2017 HIC Pro Teaser

Sunset Beach is heavily regarded as one of the most powerful breaks in the world. With a lava rock reef and handful of different take-off zones and wave sections, surfers test their knowledge of the lineup and mettle against mother nature. Endurance is a key factor in tackling this wave, since the playing field is roughly the size of a football field and athletes can easily get caught inside or swept away from prime positioning spots. The curved bay of Sunset Beach creates a natural viewing arena, however surfers sit a good distance away from shore and binoculars are always recommended to get a close up view of the action in the lineup. 

The HIC Pro crowns an event winner, qualifying slots into the Vans Triple Crown, plus the Regional Hawaii Qualifying Series (QS) Champion. This athlete earns a berth into all top QS events for the following year as well as a $5,000 travel award from Vans, which helps offset the expense of traveling to QS events around the world. A long-standing tradition for Hawaii surfers welcoming the start of the big wave season, the HIC Pro kicks the spirit of competition into over-drive and honors Hawaii's top talent. 

Mason Ho getting chaired up to the podium after winning the 2016 HIC Pro

Past Champions

2017 Ezekiel Lau HAW
2016 Mason Ho HAW
2015 Ian Walsh HAW
2014 Danny Fuller HAW
2013 Mason Ho HAW
2012 Sunny Garcia HAW
2011 Ezekiel Lau HAW
2010 Billy Kemper HAW
2009 Hank Gaskell HAW
2008 Pancho Sullivan HAW
2007 Joel Centeio HAW
2006 Evan Valiere HAW
2005 Ian Walsh HAW
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