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Nov 17, 2019

By Jonathan Warren / Surfline


  • Solid surf through Sunday with ENE trades
  • Decent leftovers on Monday but getting small into Tuesday
  • Another large NW swell for Thursday the 21st w/strong trades


8-12’ w/occasional 15’+ faces. Offshore trades veering sideshore.

SWELL/SURF: Solid WNW-NW swell holds for much of the day, providing well overhead to double overhead+ surf, occasional waves pushing near or at triple overhead. Consistent and with several waves in most sets.
WIND: Light+ to moderate ENE trades early, then becoming moderate+ and veering NE. Cleanest in the AM.
TIDES: 1.7’ high at 6:43am, 0.2’ low at 1:45pm, 0.5’ high at 7:35pm.


5-8’ faces easing to 4-6’. Fair-to-good conditions.

SWELL/SURF: Fading WNW-NW swell. Biggest early with sets around head high to a couple feet overhead, easing to chest- to head-high into the afternoon.
WIND: Moderate+ to breezy ENE trades.
TIDES: 1.7’ high at 7:44am, 0.2’ low at 2:40pm, 0.6’ high at 9:21pm.


3-4’ faces. Good conditions.

SWELL/SURF: Mix of old/fading WNW-NW swell and a new/modest NNW swell. Sets in the waist- to chest-high zone.
WIND: Light to moderate ESE veering E trades.
TIDES: 1.6’ high at 8:46am, 0.1’ low at 3:25pm


2-3’ faces.

SWELL/SURF: Small NNW swell. Watching for new NW swell to start building in over the PM --- possible larger sets rising up late in the day. The new swell really builds in over Wednesday night.
WIND: Moderate+ ENE trades.
TIDES: 1.5’ high at 9:47am, 0’ low at 4:02pm


8-12’ w/occasional 15’+ faces. OK conditions.

SWELL/SURF: New/solid NW swell projected to move in and peak with well overhead surf – sets potentially in the double to triple overhead zone.
WIND: Strong ENE trades – stronger than ideal but an OK direction.
TIDES: 1.4’ high at 10:43am, 0’ low at 4:35pm

Another solid NW swell aiming for the 21st


Sunday and Monday

The new/building WNW-NW swell (300-330°, comprised mostly of mid-period energy) peaks this evening/night and holds into Sunday. Look for more consistent well overhead to double overhead+ surf at Haleiwa on Sunday with occasional waves pushing near or at triple overhead. This swell will be on the decline late Sunday through Monday, but still providing overhead sets on Monday (strongest early). Moderate+ ENE-NE trades will prevail over Sunday – lightest and more easterly in the morning, then veering NE and strengthening some into the afternoon. At this point, moderate+ trades are looking to blow from the ENE all day on Monday.

Longer Range

After this weekend, surf will momentarily backdown over the first-half of next week. There will be a new shorter period NW-NNW swell that will move in for Tuesday to keep up some rideable surf around waist-chest occasional shoulder high. This energy will then slowly ease over Wednesday. Easterly trades continue Tues/Wed - moderate on Tuesday, then becoming a little breezy on Wednesday.

Further out... Another pair of strong storms are still on the radar to rip through the Northwest Pacific over the next several days, which the first of this duo is currently taking shape out on the northwestern rim of the Pacific. Models are in good agreement for this system to intensify further over the next 48hrs, setting up a strong fetch and taking a favorable slow eastward movement. Then soon to follow is another notable storm. 

Therefore, the forecast is looking very promising for a couple more solid NW swells over the last four days of the event window (21st-24th). And out of the two, the one lining up for the 21st is looking to be another banger, with good potential to be around the same ballpark as the current swell (likely a little less consistent). The second swell for around the 24th doesn't look to be quite as big (at this time), but still good size. During this time, ENE trades are looking to become quite strong, which is at least an OK direction.

Next update: Sunday Nov 17th

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