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John John vs Haleiwa

Making the Cut: Ep. 4 - Haleiwa

Final Day Highlights - World Champ Wins

Morais Makes His Move at Haleiwa

Jadson’s Big Jump

Ethan Ewing’s Precise 9.10

Florence Finds Early Form at Haleiwa

Duru Dominates on His Backhand

Andre Makes Heat Besides Being Sick

Bede’s Back in Action

Slater Shows No Mercy at Haleiwa

Making the Cut: Episode 1

GoPro Break Breakdown: Haleiwa

Day 2 Highlights - Man vs. Wild

Ribeiro’s Round Two Buzzer-Beater

Ohhara and Meister Trade Blows

QS Stars Stepping Up at Haleiwa

Day 1 Highlights - Haleiwa Delivers

Day 1 - Hawaiian Pro Post Show

Crane’s Clutch Round One Wave

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