Vans Triple Crown of Surfing

The Pick-Up: Would You Paddle Out In The Dark At 8-12ft Pumping Pipe?

Nov 18, 2019

Via Stab Mag

Bruce is loose, Breakfast Bonzers, Michael and Derek Ho, and who's first in the water at pumping Pipe?

Welcome to the Monday Edition of The Pick-Up, Stab and Vans twice-weekly variety show filmed on location for the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing. 

On this episode of our Oahu-based toe-dip into the talk show world, we're joined by Positive Vibe Warrior Tanner Gudauskas, who despite being very much Lithuanian has no interest in being on their Olympic team, and who was kind enough to sit down with us and help us break some news. 

Who's The First In The Water At Pumping Pipe?

With a pumping WNW swell set to light Pipe up from sunrise to sunset Sunday, Sam Moody and Will Stiles posted up on the sand in the pre-dawn Pipe sand, and peppered the first five guys in the water with a handful of questions before a star-studded session went down. 

One takeaway: noone we interviewed had the stomach to handle eating before a session at Pipe. "An empty stomach is the way to go at Pipe," says young gun Makana Pang. 

Gossip Girl Relationship Edition: Surfers In Love, Served Three Ways 

The Gorgeous Union of Kiron Jabour and Leila Dee

The first of the North Shore's Rat Pack just took the plunge. Longtime partner Leila Dee just made an honest man out of Kiron Jabour, the elder and wiser of the Sunset Elementary crew (that includes John, Nathan, and Ivan Florence, Eli Olson, and Koa Rothman). The wedding was thoroughly well-attended, the Guest List including: John Florence and Lauren Cribb, Kelia Moniz, Laura Enever, Brunas Schmitz, Nathan Florence and Mahina Garcia, Josh and Seth Moniz, The Smoth and Rothman Brothers, Zeke Lau, Torrey Meister, Tanner Hendrickson and plenty more. 

The two make for one of the most lovely couples on the planet, and we're thrilled to see them finally tie the knot.

Jack Robinson's Lucky Charm Julia Muniz

After winning the Volcom Pipe Pro last year, many observers noted the nearly palpable influence his new left-hand lady Julia Muniz seemed to be having on Jack Robinson. In the year since they started seeing each other, Jack's gotten more and more of a skip in his step, and the results have followed. The Boys has become a Man, and goodness he'll be a welcome addition to the 2020 World Tour. 

Bruce Is Loose (And Has A New Spanish Bombshell)

We’ve come to expect the #Bruce For Pipe Masters hashtag each winter, and no doubt it will emerge again. 

After being out of the water for nine months, with a broken foot, Bruce Irons just got into town with his new girlfriend, Spanish model Barbara Amerigo. Bruce turns 40 on Saturday, and arrives for the first time in years without a major sponsor. 

The last time Bruce showed up without a sticker on his nose, he went on a tear, locked in his RVCA deal, got the cover of Surfer Magazine, etc. 

Bonzers For Breakfast

After crawling through Lani's traffic at a turtle's pace, Stab's Tiph Cazalis takes us on a quick tour of Haleiwa's iconic Haleiwa Cafe, owned by Duncan Campbell of the famed Campbell Brothers, before  as well as Mikey February's borrowed Bonzer (which happens to be the last Bonzer Duncan Campbell shaped, and the first one Alex Knost ever rode) featuring a most cosmic mantra inscribed on the board's deck. 

Closing out this episode is Kittens and Lions, which we won't spoil here, but we will say it involves some real intense chest rash, inflatable surf mats at Rockpiles, a good bottle of wine, and Michael and Derek Ho...

This is The Pick-Up, thanks for watching. 

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