Vans Triple Crown of Surfing

The Pick-Up: Starring Nathan Fletcher And John John Florence

Nov 15, 2019

Via Stab Mag

Welcome to the Thursday edition of The Pick-Up, Stab x Vans' twice-weekly variety show filmed on location for the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing on the North Shore of Oahu. 

On this episode we're joined by North Shore resident, Nathan Fletcher, who has spent the last few months out of his comfort zone, handling publicity and touring for the critically acclaimed documentary, Heavy Water, that he and filmmaker Michael Oblowitz spent years finishing, and which many have confidently called the best documentary surf film ever made. As always, Nathan's nothing if not candid, and we're grateful to have his gravelly baritone cut through today's overinflated bullshit. 

Kicking off this episode is the first sit-down interview with John John Florence in a very long time. After finding out from Jon Pyzel first episode that JJF wouldn't be surfing in Haleiwa or Sunset, we met up with John at his house near Log Cabins and peppered him with some pressing questions. John was loose, unguarded, thoughtful, and clearly fed up with being sidelined now that the Hawaiian winter season is in full-swing. 

Last ep's guest Harry Bryant is the subject of this ep's Butter Knives: After hearing out Jon Pyzel’s sound argument for going short and thick with equipment last episode, Harry headed straight to the Vans house, ignored all Jon’s advice and paddled out on a 7’4” Paul Gravelle at Rockpile Lefts. We got to the Vans House at Log Cabins this morning, right as Nathan was pulling in, and got the story behind the swallow-tail.

Wrapping up this episode, we get John John and Nathan's Kittens and Lions, which has quickly come to feel like one of our favorite little controversial properties. This week's cats? Being hurt when the waves are pumping, The Stylistic Evolution of Nathan and Ivan Florence, Lice, Jack Robinson, "all you cunt commenters," Owl Chapman, and fucking North Shore traffic. 

Before heading out, Stab's resident numbers guy Mikey C. checks in from his Costa Rican bunker to set the truth free: if any surfer on the QS wins Haleiwa and gets second at Sunset, they're on the WCT next year. 

This is The Pick-Up Episode 2, see ya next week. 

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