The Pick Up: Why The Triple Crown Is The Most Important QS Stop

Gabe’s Perfect Day At Pipe

Julian Wilson: “Hawaii is a Very Special Place”

Final Day Highlights - The Gabriel Show

Post Show Report: Season Wraps at Pipe

Julian Wilson’s 8.77 Double Section Barrel

Final Day Photos

Coco Ho Wins Women’s Pipe Invitational

Congratulations Gabriel Medina, 2018 World Champion!

Jesse Mendes Wins Vans Triple Crown of Surfing

Gabriel Medina near perfect 9.57 in the Final

Gabriel Medina: “That’s For You, Brasil”

Medina’s 8.77 Backdoor Gem in the Final

Julian Wilson Fights Back with a 8.77

Jordy Smith’s Backdoor Beast - 8.50pts

Gabriel Medina’s World Title Winning 9.10

Kelly Slater’s Freakish 9.93

Joan Duru - 8.6

Parko Celebrates After Final Career Heat

Kelly Slater, from King to Spoiler

Gabe’s Perfect 10!

Medina’s 9.43 Barrel to Air at Pipe

Julian Wilson Stays Alive with a 8.27

Yago Dora Finds the Rhythm with an 8.20

Gabriel Medina - 8.33 Backup

Gabriel Medina Open his Campaign with an 8.57

Jordy Smith - 7.00

Faces of Triple Crown - Italo Ferreira

Surf Forecast | Billabong Pipe Masters

Medina Advances Title Campaign, Bags Clutch Barrel

The Pick Up: Hawaii Is The Heartbeat Of Surfing

How Did He Ride Out Of This One?

Post Show: Rounds 2 and 3 Completed at Pipeline

Day 2 Highlights - Broken Dreams and Gems at Pipe

Kelly Slater - Smooth 8.67

The Vans Triple Crown Effect

Joel Parkinson - 8.77 Backdoor Nugget

Pos. Surfer Pts.
1 Jesse Mendes BRA 17100
2 Joel Parkinson AUS 16100
3 Jordy Smith ZAF 15600
4 Ezekiel Lau HAW 13200
5 Joan Duru FRA 13100
6 Soli Bailey AUS 10050
7 Gabriel Medina BRA 10000
8 Griffin Colapinto USA 9700
9 Leonardo Fioravanti ITA 8900
10 Ricardo Christie NZL 8800
2019 Kelly Slater USA
2018 Jesse Mendes BRA
2017 Griffin Colapinto USA
2016 John Florence HAW
2015 Gabriel Medina BRA
2014 Julian Wilson AUS
2013 John Florence HAW
2012 Sebastian Zietz HAW
2011 John Florence HAW
2010 Joel Parkinson AUS
2009 Joel Parkinson AUS
2008 Joel Parkinson Aus
2007 Bede Durbidge Aus
2006 Andy Irons Haw
2005 Andy Irons Haw
2004 Sunny Garcia Haw
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