Vans World Cup of Surfing

Surf Forecast | Vans World Cup - Final Day

Dec 05, 2018

By Jonathan Warren

Brief Overview

Quick update per latest buoy readings. Shaving off a little on surf heights, which should actually be a good thing. Although a bit inconsistent and wind fairly breezy, we’re looking at a good day to wrap up the event; well overhead surf, clean conditions, and sunny skies.


Sets running 14-18’ occ 20’ faces, easing to 12-16’ occ 18’. Easterly Trades.

Swell/Surf: Large NW swell eases some and shifts a touch more northerly (310-330°). The largest waves will run 3-4 times overhead in the morning, then decreasing just a touch into the afternoon. Likely still an occasional bigger rogue rolling through, but mainly in the AM. Expecting the sets to be a bit on the inconsistent side with occasional lulls, but still very solid when they show. Lots of water moving around - Strong current running through the inside and out the Kammieland rip.
Wind: Moderate+ East Trades in the early to mid morning (11-13kts), veering ENE late morning into the afternoon and becoming breezy (15-16kts). Sunny skies.

XL swell is finally here!

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