2019 Tour: The Newly Qualified

WSL Post Show: Sunset Wrap Up

Watch Zeke Lau React to His Second Vans World Cup Win

Final Day Highlights - Sunset Glory

Joan Duru - 8.33 Big Snap

Matthew McGillivray - Clean 8.43

Jadson Andre Qualifies for 2019 Championship Tour

Ezekiel Lau - 8.77 Barrel to Power Hack

Jordy Smith - 8.00 Barrel

Final Day Photos

20’+ Surf for Vans World Cup Final

Vans Duct Tape Festival - Dec. 7th @ Ala Moana Bowls

Vans Duct Tape Panel Discussion - Dec 5th

TripleGram V.04 - Feel the Aloha

Faces of Triple Crown - Dane Gudauskas

Nathan Florence Talks About His Huge Year

Day 3 Highlights - Do or Die

Post Show: Championship Tour Implications on Oahu

Weslley Dantas - Powerful 8.33

Connor O’Leary - 9.1

Parko Advances at Sunset

Ezekiel Lau - 8.87

Vasco Ribeiro - 8.20 Buzzer Beater

Italo Ferreira - Explosive 8.73

Day 3 Photos

Alonso Correa - 8.00 Backside Combo

Jack Robinson - 8.00

Soli Bailey - 8.00 Gem

Griffin Colapinto - Strong 8.17

TripleGram V.03 - Break After the Madness

Maxime Huscenot - 9.0 Combo

Day 2 Highlights - Sunset Perfection

Day 2 Photos

Josh Moniz - Near Perfect 9.83

Billy Kemper from Jaws to Sunset

Tanner Gudauskas - 8.23 Backside Bang

Matthew McGillivray - 8.5 Barrel

Faces of Triple Crown - Finn McGill

Shayden Pacarro - 8.33

Mason Ho Recaps Critical Close Out

Opening Day Highlights - Powerful Sunset

Post Show Report: Billy Kemper Takes the Day

Sunset Beach Breakdown

Opening Day Photos

Billy Kemper - Perfect 10

Skip McCullough - Opening 8.17

Dawn Patrol: Vans World Cup Opens With Pumping Swell

TripleGram V.02 - Swell on the Way

Vans World Cup Essentials

Protecting North Shore’s Coastal Future

TripleGram V.01 - North Shore

Wade Goodall Goes Surfing With Metallica! | Classic Tales

Mechanics of Sunset - Understanding the Break

Spot Check - Sunset

About the Vans World Cup of Surfing


2018Ezekiel LauHAW
2017Conner CoffinUSA
2016Jordy SmithZAF
2015Mick FanningAUS
2014Michel BourezPYF
2013Ezekiel LauHAW
2012Adam MellingAUS
2011John John FlorenceHAW
2010Raoni MonteiroBRA
2009Joel ParkinsonAUS
2008C.J. HobgoodUSA
2007Makuakai RothmanHAW
2006Joel ParkinsonAUS
2005Jake PattersonAUS
2004Andy IronsHAW
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