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Former pro surfer Jason Shibata, as aloha as it gets.
Faces of the Vans Triple Crown - Pt. 2
Vans World Cup of Surfing

Faces of the Vans Triple Crown - Pt. 2

Nov 20, 2016


Kapolei, Oahu
Volcom's Hawaii Surf Team Manager
25th Triple Crown

Best Memory
Joel Centeio’s winning the Hawaiian Pro. We grew up together, surfing on the same beach, we’ve competed against each other and to watch him win the first jewel of the Triple Crown was amazing.

Heaviest Moment
A semifinal heat between Freddy Pattachia and Sunny Garcia at the Hawaiian Pro. It’s always tough going against Sunny, one of the most accomplished surfers on the North Shore. Freddy needed to make the final to requalify for the CT and to watch him rise to the occasion was a heavy moment. It doesn’t get much harder to beat than Sunny.

What comes to mind when you hear Vans Triple Crown
Qualification for the CT. As a pro surfer you get the best of the best coming to compete here at some of the most challenging waves. It’s really good but really tricky.

The best surfers of the Triple Crown are the ones that can read the ocean. Mother nature is the biggest factor here.

Favorite Past Champion
Sebastian Zietz. He is a special guy and a unique character of the Triple Crown, it’s cool to see him win.

John John’s world title in one sentence
That’s rad.

Favorite North Shore grinds
During the day, Pupukea Grill’s spicy poke bowl and kalua pork quesadilla. At night, Lei Lei’s seared ahi plate or full rack of ribs. Remember, you always got to have the crab dip.

Water Patrol's finest, Ikaika Kalama.


Kalapana, Big Island
Hawaiian Water Patrol
Over 30 Triple Crowns

Best Memory
Every year just having the Triple Crown come to town is a great memory for everyone. But the Andy and Kelly final, where Andy won the title was quite a big show.

Heaviest Moment
Within the last five or six years, one moment that stood out for me was when Leonardo (Fioravanti) hurt his back at Pipe. It wasn’t so much of a hectic rescue but it was one of the worst injuries.

What comes to mind when you hear Vans Triple Crown
Stoke. The community lights up when Triple Crown comes to town. It’s the time of the year when the waves get good. Just the vibe and everybody being around, is really really cool.

Favorite Past Champion
There were some quite memorable winners but Andy for sure. He won everything in one heat: Pipe Masters, Triple Crown and the World Title. That was the biggest highlight.

John John’s world title in one sentence
Not a surprise.

Favorite North Shore grinds
Pupukea Grill’s spicy ahi bowl.

Power surfer Ramzi Boukhiam.


Agadir, Morocco
WSL QS pro surfer
4th Triple Crown

Best Memory
I think it was my first year, or maybe second, I’m not sure. I made a couple nice heats and got a 10-point ten ride in Haleiwa, it was pumping. It is my favorite wave of the Triple Crown.

Heaviest Moment
I remember two years ago, it was super big and scary and nobody wanted to surf. But they called it on and I was kind of scared, but ended up making the heat with an 8-point total.

What comes to mind when you hear Triple Crown
Haleiwa and Sunset are my favorite contests of the whole year. I can’t wait to come here and compete. I will be super happy if I get some big results and win one of theses events.

What would it mean to win the Vans Triple Crown
It’s crazy, it would mean you are a real surfer. There are real waves for the most part, real turns.

Favorite Past Champion
Sunny, you have to be respectful of him. He won it 6 times already.

John John’s world title in one sentence
It's about time!

Favorite North Shore grinds
Pupukea Grill’s spicy tuna poke bowl

There is a good chance one of your favorite surf comp photos came out of his lenses.


Durban, South Africa
WSL photographer
10th Triple Crown

Best Memory
CJ hobgood landing a massive backside floater at Haleiwa’s toilet bowl. If he came short he would have no face left. It was probably a 10-foot face.

Heaviest Moment
No specific moment, just the wipeouts when it gets big. There is always the moment you think “oh, is he alive?”

What comes to mind when you hear Vans Triple Crown
Triple Crown for me means Hawaii. It means I get to come here for 6 weeks. It’s fantastic!

Favorite Past Champion
John John and Joel Parkinson are the ones who come to mind.

Favorite North Shore grinds
It’s sad to say but it’s Foodland sushi!

Interviews and photos by Paulo Dias

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