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Longtime North Shore resident Dave Riddle's seen it all.
Faces of the Vans Triple Crown - Pt. 3
Vans World Cup of Surfing

Faces of the Vans Triple Crown - Pt. 3

Nov 25, 2016


50 year North Shore resident
Volcom surf team coach
34th Triple Crown (all of them)

Best Memory
My best memory was the Andy vs Kelly final at Pipe, when Andy overtook Kelly to get the win.

Heaviest Memory
One of the heaviest days I’ve ever seen, way back in the day (1974), they had to move the contest to Waimea because Sunset was too big! It was kind of survival of the fittest. It was a really big, up and coming swell and guys were not as proficient as they are now in big waves. But it was good, Reno Abellira won. It was a brilliant display of surfing.

What comes to mind when you hear Vans Triple Crown
Big days from Haleiwa all the way through Sunset and Pipe. Bigger waves.

Favorite Past Champion
Andy Irons. I’ve coached him since he was 10, and knowing him all his life, it was incredible to watch a local boy go that far.

John John’s world title in one sentence
It could’ve not come to a better athlete and a better person.

Favorite North Shore grinds
Spicy ahi salad at Pupukea Grill.

Brazil's favorite son, Adriano de Souza.


Guarujá, Brazil
2015 WSL World Champion
14th Triple Crown

Best Memory
I think the battle between Kelly Slater and Andy Irons was one of the best moments ever.

Now, there is a new rivalry being formed between John John Florence and Gabriel Medina.

I feel like I’m reliving those times again by watching these two new idols of our sport go at it.

Heaviest Memory
Once I competed in Sunset Beach and hurt my knee, got pounded by some big waves and got reminded how strong the ocean is, when it gets big in Hawaii. That was my heaviest moment in the Triple Crown.

What comes to mind when you hear Vans Triple Crown
The most traditional competition we have in the surfing world.

Favorite Past Champion
Andy, Sunny Garcia and Medina. Sunny was someone I always looked up to, in terms of surfing in Hawaii. His surfing is powerful and pleasant to watch. And Gabriel is from the same country as me and it’s a big inspiration for all of us.

John John’s world title in one sentence
I think in 2016 he was able to combine his talent and competitive skills and deserved to win.

What would it mean to you to win the Vans Triple Crown
It would be another milestone in my life. It’s an important title to all surfers. I don’t think I can do it this year, since I didn’t do well in Haleiwa, but I will try again next year.

Favorite North Shore grinds
Açaí bowls!

The amphibious cameraman Larry Haynes.


37 year Hawaii resident
World-renowned water cinematographer
29th Triple Crown

Best Memory
Watching everyone, all the groms like John John come out and fulfill their destiny. First meeting Kelly when he first came here in 1991 and shooting his movie “Black and White”. Kelly was a little grom and they call him ‘grandpa’ now!

Heaviest Moment
I got blasted on a wave in Pipeline, broke my helmet in two pieces and had an outer-body experience.  I was outside of my body and remember seeing myself silhouetted and coming back. It was heavy.

Favorite North Shore grinds
Lei Lei’s seared ahi.

Bro and sis at the Hawaiian Pro.


San Diego, CA and Sunset Beach, HI
4th Triple Crown / 15th Triple Crown

Best Memory
SL - Growing up at Sunset, when you’re just a little grom, it’s riding your bike down the bike path, it’s getting all the free stuff, it’s hanging out with people. But the best part is when they blow that last horn and you go grab your surfboard to go surfing.
BL - Just seeing all the raw talent out there. I loved watching Kelly in the past and it’s even cooler watching John John, who is from out here, dominating the waves. It’s cool to experience that - legends in the making.

Heaviest Moment
SL - Not specifically at the Triple Crown, but growing up here, I’ve watched lifeguards tape people’s noses back on, at Ali’i Beach Park. Haleiwa is a raw wave, there’s lot of power behind it. The reef is shallow and sharp.
BL - I remember being at a lifeguarding camp at Pipeline, just practicing rescues on chiller days. On the rough days, we would just sit in and watch all the surfers. Sometimes, on those days, you would see guys looking like they came out of the battlegrounds. It’s crazy.

What comes to mind when you hear Vans Triple Crown
SL - The big waves, the beauty of the ocean, fun in the sun. It’s a good excuse to go chill on the beach.
BL - International, phenomenon, talent and entertainment. That’s how I would sum it up.

Favorite Past Champion
SL - It always amazing to watch Kelly, right? He’s such a spectacle, he’s amazing. And watching John John growing up and surfing Pipeline as a grom. Now he’s doing all these big air reverses, flips. I’m pretty grateful to have watched these guys turn into the best.
BL - John John. It’s cool to see him progress as an athlete, an entertainer, a spokesperson.

John John’s world title in one sentence
SL - It’s just amazing, he is a total role model.
BL - He’s got a lot to live up to.

Favorite North Shore grinds
SL - Cholo’s all the way. Chili verde.
BL - Ahi poke, anywhere that is fresh.

Interviews and photos by Paulo Dias

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