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Nov 18, 2017


Good size N swell will build in through Sunday afternoon before easing on Monday. Wind, unfortunately, will be unfavorable with moderate N to NNW flow Sun-Mon. Another good size N swell remains on track for mid next week (Wed PM-Thur), with potential for improving wind (breezy NE trades). The final day of the waiting period, Friday, will likely see decreasing N swell and breezy NE trades.


N swell builds through the day with 5-8’ faces developing by the late AM and especially the PM.  

Swell/Surf: New N swell will fill in through the day, with overhead waves developing by the late morning and afternoon. While this swell is heavily shadowed by Puaena Point, it looks large enough to produce good size surf at Haleiwa, with the best sets to a few feet overhead.  
Wind: NNW wind 7-10kts in the morning, building to 10-13kts+ for the afternoon.
Tides: 0.3’ low tide at 9:37am, 0.7’ high tide at 3:19pm, 0.1’ low tide at 7:46pm 


BIGGEST EARLY with 4-7’ faces, trending down through the day.

Swell/Surf: Fading/shadowed North swell. Biggest early.
Wind: N wind 5-10kts in the morning, building to 9-12kts+ for the afternoon.
Tides: 1.7’ high tide at 4:11am, 0.3’ low tide at 10:23am, 0.7’ high tide at 3:59pm


Decreasing N swell with 3-4’ faces.

Swell/Surf: Fading, shadowed North swell.
Wind: N/NNE wind 8-12kts.
Tides: 1.7’ high tide at 4:48am, 0.3’ low tide at 11:13am, 0.6’ high tide at 4:45pm


Modest N swell lingers with 3-4’ faces in AM. New N swell may rapidly build over the PM. Stay tuned.

Swell/Surf: Leftover, shadowed North swell for first half of the day. New N swell may build quickly from mid afternoon on, with overhead waves developing by sundown.
Wind: NNE/NE wind 8-15kts (strongest late).  
Tides: 1.7’ high tide at 5:28am, 0.3’ low tide at 12:08pm, 0.6’ high tide at 5:43pm 


N swell peaks in the AM with 5-7’ faces.  

Swell/Surf: New N swell likely peaks in the morning, before easing slowly for the afternoon. While this swell is heavily shadowed by Puaena Point, it looks large enough (a bit smaller than Sunday’s swell for Haleiwa) to produce decent size surf at Haleiwa, with the best sets to a couple feet overhead.  
Wind: NE trades 15-20kts (strongest during the afternoon).  
Tides: 1.6’ high tide at 6:12am, 0.3’ low tide at 1:04pm, 0.6’ high tide at 7:01pm

Good size N swell will build in through Sunday afternoon before easing on Monday.


New, mid period N swell remains on track to build in through the day on Sunday and peak in the afternoon. There aren’t any signs of this new swell on Buoy 01 as of 1PM HST (nor were we expecting to see anything yet), but we should see a steady build on the outer water buoys over the next 12-18 hours.  

There is no change from our last couple updates and we’ll look for head high to overhead waves to develop through the late morning and especially the afternoon on Sunday at Haleiwa. The larger sets should be a couple to even a few feet overhead (best N exposed spots on the North Shore should be around 2-2.5x as large).Monday early should still have good size, but down from a Sunday peak, with a further trend down through the afternoon. Smaller, fun size leftovers are likely on Tuesday.

Unfortunately, unfavorable wind looks likely for Sun-Mon with moderate N to NNW flow. Wind will gradually start to improve through Tuesday, with a touch of east in the direction (although overall still quite north) 

Confidence is increasing that a similar size to slightly smaller N swell will move in for the middle of next week, with models slowly coming into better agreement on size/timing. At this point it appears that we should see a rapid build in swell Wednesday afternoon/evening, with a peak in size early Thursday morning. Swell direction is a bit more N/NNE as compared to the Sunday swell, so specifically for Haleiwa, surf should be a notch or two smaller thanks to greater shadowing by Puaena Point. Stay tuned, we’ll continue to refine details as we see the storm come together in the next few days.

While wind doesn’t look great for the middle and second half of the week, it does look like it will improve from Sun-Mon. Moderate NNE to NE flow on Wednesday may give way to breezy NE trades Thu-Fri. Stay tuned. 

Next update by Sunday evening, Nov 19th

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