Billabong Pipe Masters

Yago Dora Finds the Rhythm with an 8.20

Dec 17, 2018

Yago Dora puts on a great performance on Round 4 of the Billabong Pipe Masters. Watch his best wave of the heat.

Julian Wilson’s 8.77 Double Section Barrel

Gabriel Medina near perfect 9.57 in the Final

Medina’s 8.77 Backdoor Gem in the Final

Julian Wilson Fights Back with a 8.77

Gabriel Medina’s World Title Winning 9.10

Kelly Slater’s Freakish 9.93

Joan Duru - 8.6

Gabe’s Perfect 10!

Medina’s 9.43 Barrel to Air at Pipe

Julian Wilson Stays Alive with a 8.27

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