Billabong Pipe Masters

Title Race: Follow the Tour Forward

Nov 20, 2018

Progress drives surfing. Always has, always will. It's the creative force that takes our sport to new places and new heights, that leads to new rivalries, that mints new icons.

Progress is what Shaun Tomson and Bugs, Occy and Tom Curren, Kelly and Andy and Mick all delivered. And now it's coming from a new place: Brasil.

After Brasilian talent dominated the 2018 Tour, Medina and Toledo square off against Julian Wilson at the Billabong Pipe Masters for the Title, and the right to lead surfing Forward.

Day 1 Highlights - Diamonds in the Rough

Medina Makes His Statement

Joel Parkinson Takes Over Vans Triple Crown Ratings

Day 1 Photos

Parko’s Last Lap: Episode 4

Pipe Invitational Highlights

Pipe Invitational Photos

Five Years of Tens at the Pipe Masters

Interview: Parko on the Vans Triple Crown

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