Billabong Pipe Masters

Kelly Slater’s Freakish 9.93

Dec 17, 2018

Kelly Slater shows he is still one of the best at Pipe with this a 9.93 bomb in the Quarterfinals. 

Julian Wilson’s 8.77 Double Section Barrel

Gabriel Medina near perfect 9.57 in the Final

Medina’s 8.77 Backdoor Gem in the Final

Julian Wilson Fights Back with a 8.77

Gabriel Medina’s World Title Winning 9.10

Joan Duru - 8.6

Gabe’s Perfect 10!

Medina’s 9.43 Barrel to Air at Pipe

Julian Wilson Stays Alive with a 8.27

Yago Dora Finds the Rhythm with an 8.20

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