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Joel Parkinson Takes Over Vans Triple Crown Ratings
Billabong Pipe Masters

Joel Parkinson Takes Over Vans Triple Crown Ratings

Dec 13, 2018

As the much anticipated Round 1 of the Billabong Pipe Masters got dusted today, Joel Parkinson watched his name jump to the top of the Vans Triple Crown leaderboard after winning his heat.

Since Jesse Mendes (former Triple Crown leader coming into Pipe) didn't advance and got sent to Round 2, the Australian surfer is now a step closer to finishing his career with a dream run in Hawaii.

Updated Vans Triple Crown Ratings:

Pos. Surfer   Pts.
1 Parkinson,Joel AUS 15900
2 Mendes,Jesse BRA 14376
3 Lau,Ezekiel HAW 13176
4 Smith,Jordy ZAF 12500
5 Colapinto,Griffin USA 11000
6 Bailey,Soli AUS 10050
7 Ferreira,Italo BRA 9700
8 Fioravanti,Leonardo ITA 8900
9 Duru,Joan FRA 8876
10 Christie,Ricardo NZL 8800
Parko leads the Vans Triple Crown rankings
After his performance in Round 1 of the Pipe Masters, Joel Parkinson advances to No.1 on the Vans Triple Crown Leaderboard.

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