Billabong Pipe Masters

Surf Forecast | Billabong Pipe Masters

Dec 16, 2018

By Kevin Wallis

Brief Overview

Decreasing, but medium to fairly solid NNW swell prevails on Monday with light to moderate trades. Another solid NNW swell builds through Tuesday, peaking in the afternoon before gradually easing Wednesday. However, surf quality looks generally poor with onshore wind. Thursday should see decreasing, but improving, surf with more favorable wind.   


Fading 8-12’ faces AM, 6-8’+ faces PM. Light E trades AM trend ENE PM. 

Swell/Surf: Fading NW to NNW swell through the day, strongest during the morning hours.   
Wind: Light E trades for the morning, trending ENE for the afternoon. 


Building 8-10’ faces early AM, becoming 15-22’ faces PM. Building onshore wind.  

Swell/Surf: Leftovers of the current swell early along with long period forerunners from the new NNW swell quickly building through the day and peaking in the later afternoon/evening.    
Wind: Light/variable flow early morning, with increasing N wind through the morning and becoming breezy for the afternoon.


Slow easing 15-18’ occ 20’ faces, strongest AM. NNE/NE wind. 

Swell/Surf: Solid NW to NNW swell continues but slowly eases.    
Wind: Breezy NE to NNE wind. 


Decreasing 8-12’ faces AM, 6-10’ faces PM. Moderate ENE trades. 

Swell/Surf: The surf quality likely improves as the NNW swell trends down and trades both ease and shift to a more favorable direction.    
Wind: Moderate ENE wind. 

For Tue-Wed there are no real changes to the surf size with another solid NNW swell likely to build in.

Swell/Surf Outlook

The solid swell that we saw fill in today will trend down steadily on Monday, but we still expect to see good size surf in the morning. What we’re seeing on buoy 01 now should be showing around 7AM tomorrow on the North Shore, so 8-12’ faces look likely for the earlier morning session. The swell direction should actually trend a bit more NW and the swell period should ease, so good waves look likely at both Backdoor and Pipe. The afternoon hours will be down 3-4’ from the morning. Clean conditions are expected through the day with light to moderate E wind in the morning trending moderate ENE for the afternoon. 

For Tue-Wed there are no real changes to the surf size with another solid NNW swell likely to build in, peaking Tuesday afternoon/evening before easing slowly Wednesday. There may be a short window of decent window Tuesday morning, but that likely occurs before the new swell really kicks in. Surf quality deteriorates through the afternoon as Northerly wind builds. Unfavorable wind continues Wednesday with breezy NNE/NE (onshore) flow.

Thursday should offer dropping, but still decent size, surf with improving quality as wind shifts to the ENE and eases.   

Next Update: Monday evening, December 17th (local time and if necessary)

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