Billabong Pipe Masters

Interference Call Costs Julian Wilson a Round One Win at Pipe

Dec 11, 2017

Australian Julian Wilson entered the Billabong Pipe Masters ranked No. 4 on the Jeep Leaderboard with an outside chance at the World Title, and from a pure performance standpoint, he looked strong in Round One. He nabbed a couple of great-looking tubes and jumped out to an early lead. But midway through the match, he made a huge paddling error that cost him dearly. Wilson inexplicably took off in front of fellow Aussie Stu Kennedy on a righthander, despite Kennedy having the right of way. Upon further review, it looks like he thought Kennedy wasn't going. Regardless, the judges called him for an interference, eliminating one of Wilson's scoring rides, which cost him the victory. He'll now have a very tough Round Two clash with wildcard Benji Brand.

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