2018 CT Rookie Tomas Hermes. Photo: WSL / Sherman
2018 Championship Tour Rookie Tomas Hermes Is Dreaming Big
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2018 Championship Tour Rookie Tomas Hermes Is Dreaming Big

Dec 15, 2017

In the surf media, Tomas Hermes is often portrayed as a prototypical Brazilian battler: determined, hardworking and earnest. But he's far from a single-minded contest machine. Beneath that gritty exterior beats the heart of an artist consumed as much with aesthetics as he is with athletics. In this revealing short film directed by Bruno Tessari, with cinematography from Hermes' wife Ana, the 2018 New Era Championship Tour Rookie opens up about his shared passion for filmmaking alongside his photographer wife.

Dreaming Together

An interesting dynamic exists between the couple and their pursuits inside and outside of pro surfing, a partnership Hermes was quick to point out after qualifying for the CT at the Hawaiian Pro last month. "It's not just a dream to qualify but its also like a job," he said, clearly choked up by emotion, "I want to thank so many people, my family, Vans... It's so special to my wife, Ana. She's been through the bad and good, she's my best friend, my wife, my coach, and she makes it so good."

It's a point well taken: Surfing may be a solitary pursuit, but the life of a pro surfer is more than just an individual endeavor.

Hermes will continue to make the most of his travels. Photo: WSL/ Cestari

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