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Dec 17, 2017


Fun size NW swell continues Monday with light/variable wind. A larger, mid to shorter period NNW to N swell will build through Tuesday and continue Wednesday (with new NNE swell also joining on Wednesday). Wind may remain favorable Tuesday morning, but onshore N wind likely builds in the afternoon and continues Wednesday.    


5-7’ faces in the AM, easing gradually PM. Light SE wind AM, light/variable PM.

SWELL/SURF: NW and NE swells ease through the day, strongest during the morning hours.
WIND: Light SE wind in the morning, trends to light/variable late morning/afternoon and light ENE late in the day.  
TIDES: .3’ low 9:28am, .6 high at 3:03pm, 0’ low at 7:23PM 


Building 6-8 occ 10’ faces. Light SSE wind early, trending light+ N late AM/PM.  

SWELL/SURF: Mid to shorter period NNW/N swell builds in through the morning and is strongest in the afternoon.
WIND: Light SE in the morning, trending light N later in the morning and especially over the afternoon. Showers, potentially heavy at times in the morning.    
TIDES: .2’ low 10:06am, .6 high at 3:43pm, .1’ low at 7:55PM


Building 6-12’ faces. Building onshore N wind, especially for the afternoon.

SWELL/SURF: Mixed, mid to shorter period NNW to NNE swell, possibly larger than the above numbers if storm behaves as forecast in the next 24 hours.  
WIND: Possible light/variable wind early, but N wind should build fairly quickly through the morning and become moderate in strength for the afternoon.    
TIDES: .2’ low 10:46am, .6 high at 4:28pm, .1’ low at 8:30PM

Wind looks light and generally favorable through the day on Monday, with light SE flow in the morning trending light/variable for the late morning and afternoon.


The NE swell that produced larger waves than forecast today (especially this morning) will trend down on Monday. NW swell will fill in a bit more for the early morning and then gradually ease for the afternoon. End result should be another day of fun surf, with waves running from head high to a couple feet overhead on sets.  

Wind looks light and generally favorable through the day on Monday, with light SE flow in the morning trending light/variable for the late morning and afternoon. Light NE/ENE flow may return late in the day/evening.

We remain on track to see a larger, mid to shorter period NNW/N swell build in through Tuesday and possibly come up another notch on Wednesday (as NNE swell also joins). This swell will pretty easily be a couple notches larger than the surf on Monday, although wind conditions don’t look as favorable.

Early Tuesday still looks ok for wind with light/variable or light SSE flow. Light N wind looks likely for the later morning and especially the afternoon. Early Wednesday may see another brief period of light wind, but building and moderate N wind is expected for the later morning and afternoon. Note also that we’ll likely see more frequent widespread showers Monday night through Tuesday morning, possibly heavy at times.   

Next update: By Monday evening, Dec 18th (if necessary)

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