Nathan Fletcher in Panama. Photo: Jeremiah Klein
The Quiet Genius of Nathan Fletcher
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The Quiet Genius of Nathan Fletcher

Dec 04, 2018

By Beau Flemister / Surfline

There’s something remarkable about guys that never beat their chests.

The guys that can glide out of what might be the wave of a lifetime with their heads down, humble. The guys who inspire so many — so quietly. Nathan Fletcher is one of those guys. Ask anyone. (We did.) From Code Red swells to pivotal Maverick’s moments to Outer Reef progression and innovative leaps in board design: Nate’s been on the forefront. To expound further, we took some testimonies from a few men who’ve been in the trenches, around the world, and at home in Hawaii, with this inimitable figure of modern surfing.

Nathan at Mavericks. Photo: Fred Pompermayer

Dave Wassell, pro surfer/North Shore lifeguard: “In my opinion, Nathan Fletcher is a shy, ultra-intelligent person that’s done more for the sport of surfing as far as big-wave progression — not only with board design but through fin design — than anyone else since the thruster came out. Other than that, in a word: multifaceted. He’s got that Midas touch. You give him something and he’s one of the best in the world at it, whether it’s riding a motorcycle, riding a skateboard or riding a surfboard — whether it’s two-foot T-Street or 25-foot Maverick’s — he’s gonna be the best guy in the water. Hell on guitar! Nobody even talks about how well he can play guitar. He’s a freak of nature.”


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