Surf Forecast | Billabong Pipe Masters

Toledo: What it Takes to Win

Dane Reynolds Talks Surfboards

Mechanics of Pipe & Backdoor - Looking Under the Hood

Faces of Triple Crown - Christian Hosoi

Vans Triple Crown Title Pulls Into Pipe

Vans Duct Tape Festival South Shore Affair

Break Breakdown: Pipeline

Pipeline - Freesurf Sessions

Pipe Invitational: Who to Watch

Heavy Water Teaser: Nathan Fletcher Bio Film

Dawn Patrol: Scene Set at Pipe

Bring On The Title Race

Pipe Invitational Heat Draw

Talk Story With Nathan Fletcher

Vision: Kelly Slater on Pipeline

Gallery: Vans Duct Tape Skate Jam @ Banzai Skatepark

Profile: Gabriel Medina’s Steady Rise

It’s Medina’s Title To Lose

2019 Tour: The Newly Qualified

WSL Post Show: Sunset Wrap Up

Watch Zeke Lau React to His Second Vans World Cup Win

Final Day Highlights - Sunset Glory

Joan Duru - 8.33 Big Snap

Matthew McGillivray - Clean 8.43

Jadson Andre Qualifies for 2019 Championship Tour

Ezekiel Lau - 8.77 Barrel to Power Hack

Jordy Smith - 8.00 Barrel

Final Day Photos

Gallery: Nathan Fletcher Celebrates 20 Years with Vans

Give Alex Knost A Microphone And Watch The Fireworks Ensue

20’+ Surf for Vans World Cup Final

Dylan Grave’s Weird Waves Series Premiere - Dec. 7th @ SALT

Vans Duct Tape Festival - Dec. 7th @ Ala Moana Bowls

Wilson is the Man in the Middle

Pos. Surfer Pts.
2 Parkinson,Joel AUS 12300
3 Lau,Ezekiel HAW 12100
4 Bailey,Soli AUS 9100
5 Smith,Jordy ZAF 8900
6 Fioravanti,Leonardo ITA 8900
7 Christie,Ricardo NZL 8800
8 Herdy,Mateus BRA 8600
9 Duru,Joan FRA 7800
10 Colapinto,Griffin USA 7400
2017 Griffin Colapinto USA
2016 John Florence HAW
2015 Gabriel Medina BRA
2014 Julian Wilson AUS
2013 John Florence HAW
2012 Sebastian Zietz HAW
2011 John Florence HAW
2010 Joel Parkinson AUS
2009 Joel Parkinson AUS
2008 Joel Parkinson Aus
2007 Bede Durbidge Aus
2006 Andy Irons Haw
2005 Andy Irons Haw
2004 Sunny Garcia Haw
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